Ben was project leader and Associate Partner for this new build scheme at 84 Eccleston Square which comprises 99 luxury apartments, along with a variety of amenity spaces and a small retail unit. The building is located on a highly sensitive site on the corner of Eccleston Square, one of London’s traditional squares containing a wealth of classical mid-19th century architecture.

In response to the traditional local context, the design is a direct reference to the classical proportions, patterns and detailing found on the neighbouring facades, applying them in a contemporary manner. The design therefore, whilst clearly of its age, has a subdued coexistence with the classical London square architecture. The facades are predominantly stone, with elements of bronze detailing and balustrading sitting behind to compliment. Additional detailing has been added to the stone facades on the corner, further emphasising its significance within Eccleston Square and the conservation area.


Client: Mosaic Properties International Ltd
Area: 15,000m²
Construction cost: £60m